The first bank to open in Upton Village was the Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co. This opened on 28th April 1919 and was a sub-branch to Hoylake. It opened on Mondays and Fridays, and occupied Cherry Cottage and Laburnum Cottage (it may have originally occupied only one of these and then expanded into the other at a later date).

The bank was usually known as the District Bank, and in 1924 its name was officially changed to District Bank Ltd. District Bank Ltd was acquired by National Provincial Bank Ltd in 1962, which merged with Westminster Bank Ltd in 1968.

The Upton Branch, which became a sub-branch of Moreton in 1956 and then a sub-branch of West Kirby in 1985, retained its District Bank name until 1970 when it becanme National Westminster Bank.

The bank closed on 25th February 1994.

A few months after the Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co. branch opened, on 23rd July 1919, the London Joint City & Midland Bank signed an agreement with D.W. Roberts, Butcher and owner of Greenbank Farm, to rent a room on the ground floor of the farmhouse at a rent of £28-12-00 per year.  

The bank continued to trade from this location until 1925, or early 1926, when they moved to a new building on the corner of Salacre Lane. In 1992 Midland became part of the HSBC group but continued to trade under its old name until 1999, when it became HSBC Bank. The Upton branch closed shortly after this.

In 1923 the Bank of Liverpool and Martins Ltd opened a branch in the front room of a cottage on the corner of Church Road. It is possible that the bank was originally a branch of E.Reed and Son of Birkenhead.

The name of the bank was shortened to Martins Bank in 1928. The row of three cottages was demolished and a new building was constructed for the bank, this originally included a shop fronting on to Ford Road, the shop was taken by Pilkington's Chemist.

In 1963 the bank required more space, Pilkington's moved further up the village and the bank expanded into the former shop. In 1969 Martins Bank merged with Barclays Bank and the Upton Branch changed to Barclays on 15th December 1969. Barclays closed the branch in July 2018.

Following the closure of Barclays, the only banking services available in Upton were at the Post Office. Unfortunately, within months of the Bank closing, the Postmaster was suspended as a result of the Horizon software problems, and the Post Office remained closed for sixth months until the Postmaster was reinstated. This left Upton without any banking services until the Post Office reopened on 19th March 2019.

There was, for a short period, another branch of Barclays Bank in the village. This opened in May 1934 when the bank took a 10 year lease on the former constabularly house, it was a sub-branch of Birkenhead Charing Cross.

By February 1939 the Liverpool Local board was considering closing the branch as it was not making a profit. The bank closed on 10th October 1939.


On 12th December 1960, the Liverpool Savings Bank, part of the Trustee Savings Bank, opened a branch in Arrowe Park Road, and 5 years later, on 4th May 1965 Lloyds Bank opened a branch next door.

In 1995 The TSB merged with Lloyds Bank and the Liverpool Savings Bank closed, the business being transfered to the Lloyds branch next door.

Lloyds bank closed the Upton Branch on 9th October 2015, leaving the Barclays branch as the only bank in Upton.

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