The first horse drawn bus arrived in Upton in March 1891, the bus ran to Claughton Village, but little is known about it.

The first Birkenhead Corporation motor bus arrived in Upton on 14th July 1920, the service also ran from Claughton Village, but this was later extended to Birkenhead Central station.

The Corporation buses where originally in a chocolate brown and cream livery, but this was replaced by blue and cream in 1933.

Over the years, four main routes through Upton where established by the Corporation;

  • 96        Woodside to Thurstaston
  • 42/46  Bromborough to Saughall Massie
  • 51        Port Sunlight to Saughall Massie
  • 77        Woodside to Moreton Shore

Buses from Crosville Motor Services arrived shortly after the Corporation buses, but they where not allowed to carry passengers travelling within the Birkenhead area, so passengers at Upton could board a Crosville bus going to West Kirby, but not one going the other way to Birkenhead Park station. Crosville buses also used different bus stops from the Corporation buses.

One route through Upton was established by Crosville:

  • F32/34   Birkenhead Park Station to West Kirby


On the 1st December 1969, the Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive (MPTE) took over the bus services from Birkenhead Corporation, together with those of Wallasey and Liverpool. The livery used was different in each of the areas they operated in, that used in Wirral was similar to that of the Corporation busses. In 1974, following the local government reoganisation, all MPTE buses where given a standard livery of Verona Green and Cream.

 Following deregulation in 1986, Merseybus took over running the bus services from the MPTE, and the livery was changed to maroon and cream. In 1989 Merseybus was sold to its employees and became MTL, buses on Wirral where rebranded Wirral Peninsula, with a cream and red livery.

In the period since deregulation, buses of many different liveries have been seen running routes through Upton Village, Greater Manchester introduced Birkenhead and District buses for a short period between 1994 and 1995, PMT introduced Red Rider buses, then later took over Crosville's services, PMT themselves later being taken over by First.

Today, bus services in Upton are run by Arriva Merseyside (who bought MTL in February 2000), Stagecoach (who bought First) and a few independent operators.



In 1966, the adult single fare from Upton Village to Woodside Ferry Terminal on Birkenhead Corporation's route 96 was 9d (equivalent to about 4p). In 1975, the 96 was being run by the MPTE and the fare from Upton Village to Woodside had risen to 18p. By 1980, the 96 route had been discontinued, but route 82 followed almost the same route and the fare from Upton Village to Woodside on this service was 40p.

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